Om Strativ

Strativ is your digitalisation partner who since 2017 has created success for our customers in their digitalisation journey. Thanks to a local presence and a global view on development. With project management and sales in Stockholm, Sweden and Development and design by our subsidiary in Dhaka, Bangladesh.We have a hybrid solution that creates digital success together with our customers.

We have a broad expertise in IT and digitization. Everything from eye-catching websites, converting web shops to system development of business-critical solutions and mobile apps. We make it possible to quickly get started with your project from a concept to a finished product and further development, 

We are the IT partner you can grow with!

Our Story

The journey of Strativ began from a northern city of Sweden, called Umeå. Once I graduated from the university, I started working with different startups helping them out with their business and product development. It was a great experience working with them, but I found that they all are facing a similar challenge, which is the availability of technical resources.

The challenge gets harder for the small medium sized companies due to the high price and lack of resources, which is hindering their transformation to more digitalisation and making them more vulnerable to the competition.

Konkurrens och prisfråga gör att många företag vänder sig utomlands för hjälp med IT-utveckling, men ibland kan det finnas svårighet med kommunikation och kvalitét när man pratar olika språk och har olika värderingar.

In this scenario, many companies try to work with resources or IT companies outside Sweden, but then they were often hit by the challenges with communication, credibility issues and lack of trust.

Strativ's business idea is to drive a Swedish company with high quality on both project management and development. We deliver IT services which lives up to the Swedish standard at the right price, with project leaders here in Stockholm. In this way, even the small medium sized companies get the possibilities to scale up their IT competence.

We have the office at Stockholm with project leaders, sales persons, and our team in Dhaka consists of 30 persons. Experienced developers, SEO-specialists and graphic designers. We work with all from websites, e-commerce, mobile applications and different web solutions.

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